The Four Secrets of Passionate Organizations


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Here’s what people are saying about the book…

“I’ve read tons of business books & this is one of the best I have read. It’s written as a parable. Books written in this format tend to be easy-to-digest, and this one is no exception. Mike Goldman has written a book that escapes one of the things that I don’t love about books written in this format — they are often hokey, involving a chance meeting between the protagonist and a supernatural, magical, mystical, or seemingly supernatural, being. Goldman’s book is not hokey at all. It is realistic and is filled with highly achievable suggestions. I highly recommend this terrific book.”

“Whether leading your team or family, this quick read gives you the necessary tools to become a successful leader. Mike Goldman does a superb job of providing actionable information while engaging the reader. I find myself referring to certain sections on a regular basis and have purchased copies for co-workers who’ve thanked me for sharing the “Four Secrets”. Do yourself a favor and read it today!”

“This dynamic little book really packs a big punch. I just can’t stop thinking about the “4 secrets” and am doing my best to implement them into my daily life at work and at home. His writing style makes it an easy and enjoyable read, not like your typical “management consulting” rant. Also, I had the opportunity to see Mike do his thing at a small seminar recently….if you get the opportunity to see him speak…don’t miss it!”

“Easy and quick to read with very valuable information to anyone who spends most of their business day managing people. I wish many of my old bosses had read it and practiced its lessons. If they did they would have had more productive and happy employees.”

How do you know if you have a passionate workplace?

  • You are not crushed by the stampede out the door at 5PM.
  • Team members offer their ideas without being asked.
  • Team membersoffer their help without being asked.
  • Team members find ways to get the job done; not excuses for why they can’t.
  • Internal celebration replaces internal competition.
  • Customer loyalty replaces customer satisfaction.

Imagine the impact of injecting more passion into your team. Imagine a company where eight out of ten people were truly engaged. What would this mean to your team’s productivity, morale, retention, and ability to recruit top talent?

Buy this book and conquer the challenges of creating a more passionate, productive and profitable organization.

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