It Starts With An Attitude

Ever wonder why it seems like th rich get richer and the poor get poorer? It all starts with an attitude.

Scenario One – The Rich Get Richer:

Step 1 – Attitude: Susan has a goal of achieving great things in her business and believes her potential is limitless. Her attitude practically shouts “I believe in myself and I believe in my business!”.

Step 2 Action: Because of Susan’s belief and attitude, she takes massive action. She is an unstoppable machine.

Step3 – Results: Susan’s massive action leads to incredible results.

Step 4 – Attitude – Susan’s incredible results feed her beliefs and make her attitude even stronger.

This stronger attitude drives even more massive action, greater results and the cycle goes on…up and up and up.

Scenario One – The Poor Get Poorer:

Step 1 – Attitude: John has a goal of achieving great things in his business but is pessimistic about his potential in this economy. He sees other around him struggling. Why should he be any different?

Step 2 Action: Because of John’s beliefs and attitudes, he takes little action. He’d rather wait and see when the economy will turn around.

Step3 – Results: Because of John’s lack of action, he sees little results.

Step 4 – Attitude – John’s poor results feed his beliefs and make his attitude even more negative.

This attitude drives even less action, poorer results and the cycle goes on…down and down and down.

What are you doing to feed your attitude today?

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