Slow Down

It’s amazing how creating a low stress, low velocity environment helps the brain to do its thing.

I took a 4 mile walk this morning and came up with two great new business ideas. You’ll find out more about those on future posts and my website

So many of us run at 100mph from the time we wake up until our head hits the pillow. It’s no wonder we get to the end of the day and kick ourselves for not having time for the important things (spending time with family, exercising, etc.). It’s no wonder we “wake up” 20 years later and question why our lives aren’t more fulfilling.  

We need to purposefully block out times in our schedule for low stress, low velocity activities. Time when we can think, meditate or just be grateful.

Your life is not about ticking of more things on your “to do” list.  Your life is not about working as hard as you can so you can retire at 65.  Why wait 65 years to be who you wan’t to be?

What is your life about? What’s your life’s purpose?

Check out my next post for some ways to figure that out.

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