You Get What You Accept

You get what you accept.
What are you accepting into your life, business or career that is unacceptable?
Is it…
Your money situation? Not having enough time for what’s important? A lack of passion for your business or career?
Making these things unacceptable is the first step in changing you business and your life.
The second step is defining what it is you do want that’s non-negotiable. Not what your life should look like, but what it must look like.
The third step is to understand WHY your life must look that way. The key to accomplishing your goals is not in having a fool proof plan. It’s in having a WHY big enough so the plan doesn’t matter.
So…here’s what I’d like you to do RIGHT NOW.
  1. Identify the situation in your life that are unacceptable
  2. Create a vision of what your life MUST look like in the areas of finance, career, family, social, mental, physical and spiritual.
  3. Understand and document why that vision for your life is a must.
  4. Re-read your life’s vision and the “why” at least once per day.
  5. Take massive action!!!

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